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Glass tiles are made in many different ways today. It can be cast glass, layered or laminated glass, fused glass or cut glass. Each offers its own unique appearance and translucency. Cast glass is a solid product that consists of a hot liquid that is poured and then cooled. The color is either applied to the back of the tile, or within the glass itself. Layered or laminate glass is a layered product that literally “sandwiches” different pieces of glass together. It is then heated, or fused together to create one unit. Cut glass is a large piece of glass cut into smaller pieces, similar to mosaics. Fused glass is similar to layered glass, with different pieces fused together to create one piece.новости атн в харькове сегоднякастрюлирасценки на копирайтингпродвижение сайтовlight-options.comподвескасоздание и оптимизация сайтов