When you walk into our small shop you are immediately overwhelmed with the large variety of specialty tile hanging and stacked everywhere. Individual tiles for sale and on display as well as boards of flooring samples in all sizes, colors and shapes. We have created an inspiring environment where the age old art of handcrafting tile still defines the traditional and influences the contemporary. At Tile Connection, you enter the heart of pure design, where wonderful tiles, passionate people and unique ideas come together to make you smile.

Our goal is to present the most beautiful collections of tile from porcelain and ceramic floor tile to handmade and specialty decorative tile in ceramic, porcelain, stone, and glass. We are always searching for the classics, the new, and the innovative. From our diverse offerings, we have both factory-made and artisan tile. Many of our tiles are handmade in small studios of one or several people. Some are hand molded and/or hand painted with great attention to detail. In our showroom you will find hundreds of extraordinary tiles, with creative examples of how various tiles can be combined to create unique designs. It’s an inspiring environment in which to plan your living space.

The comments I hear over and over again when people come in to our shop go something like this:  “I have never seen a tile store like this before.  You have beautiful unique tiles and such a wonderful and diverse selection.”  As a result, we work with people all over the United States on their kitchens, bathrooms and more.  Let me know if we can help you with your project.

Sincerely,  Audrey Leeds Miller